We just posted a new video to our YouTube page titled Building an Effective Identity and Access Management Strategy. This video is of a webcast that goes into ways to not only build an IAM system but the best practices to use to make it effective. The presenters go into what exactly IAM is and how it works within your organization. They also get into what new trends are happening with IAM systems and the issues IAM systems are faced with today. Also discussed is how to deploy your IAM system within your organization along with strategies you can take. In the end they address questions and make recommendations as to how to resolve these issues. 

This is a great view for all those who are looking to better understand IAM systems and how they could improve their organization’s based on the strategies and methods discussed. If after watching the video you have any comments, questions or would like to know how Sath can help you with your organization’s IAM system contact us by filling out the form on are Contact Us page.

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