35 Best SSO Providers: What You Need To Know Before You Invest

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog

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What are the best features of a Single Sign On Service?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method where users do not need to enter a username and password for each website they visit. This makes life easier for both the user and the web application owner.

In addition to making life easier for users, this approach also makes it more difficult for hackers to steal identities. When users reuse passwords, they become targets for phishing attacks.

As a result, most organizations now require users to change their passwords periodically, this creates different threats since users will frequently re-use passwords, or keep their passwords in insecure, easily accessible locations.

For any new software to be effective on a company-wide scale, it must first and foremost be highly usable for the end users. This sometimes means sacrificing the best possible technology for good enough technology that is much more user-friendly for both end users and administrators.d

A single sign-on solution requires an authentication system that allows users to authenticate themselves once and then use those credentials across multiple systems.

A typical example of this would be logging into Facebook and then being able to seamlessly jump into Twitter.

The key here is that the authentication mechanism must be seamless and invisible to the user.

best sso providers research

What types of SSO solutions are there?

There are two main types of SSO; native and federated. Native SSO uses a proprietary protocol between the application and the service provider. Federated SSO involves the exchange of information between applications via a third party.

Native SSO is more common because it requires fewer changes to existing systems. However, it also increases the security risks involved.

Federated SSO is better suited when there are large numbers of connections to be made. For example, when connecting to social media sites, webmail services, online banking, or eCommerce platforms.

The most popular form of SSO today is OpenID Connect which is based on OAuth 2.0.

OpenID Connect is an open standard that enables user accounts across various providers to be accessed securely without having to manually type usernames and passwords.

What are the different SSO Methods?

Common SSO methods include Kerberos, SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and OAuth 2.0a. There are also various hybrid approaches, such as SPIN and WebFinger. These combine multiple protocols together to make them more secure.

Kerberos is used primarily for Windows systems, while SAML is used mainly for Linux-based applications.

OpenID Connect is designed specifically for open standards, which means that it is compatible with any web browser and operating system.

OAuth 2.0 is a protocol developed by OASIS for authorization code grant-type flows.

OAuth 2a is an extension to OAuth 2.0 that allows clients to request access tokens via HTTP POST requests.

The basic principle is that an identity provider authenticates a user and returns a token that contains a set of access permissions. These tokens are exchanged between the client and the server.

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Best SSO Solutions Detailed

1. Accops

A single sign-on (SSO) solution for access control systems. It allows users to log into multiple applications using just their username and password. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords.

With Accopss, organizations can create profiles for each employee, assign roles based on individual job functions, and control access to sensitive data. This means that employees can log into any application or service without needing to remember another set of credentials.

Accopss also helps businesses comply with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. With its built-in compliance features, Accopss ensures that company information remains secure while providing visibility into which policies are being enforced.

The best part? Accopss integrates with popular SaaS apps including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Dropbox, and GitHub. So when employees access these applications, they'll automatically be logged in to Accopss, saving them time and hassle.

Moreover, it offers 24/7 support via email and phone calls.

Accops SSO Pricing:

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2. Auth0

Auth0 single sign-on (SSO) is an open-source identity platform that enables developers to easily integrate social identities such as Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, and more into their applications.

Auth0 SSO allows users to authenticate once and access multiple apps without providing credentials repeatedly. This means fewer errors, faster logins, and happier customers.

The best way to describe Auth0 SSO is that it acts as a middleman between your web application and your API server. When a user authenticates via Auth0 SSO, we store the authentication token in our database. That token is used whenever the user attempts to access any protected resource on your website.

Auth0 SSO Pricing:

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3. Authpoint Single Sign-On

The Authpoint single sign-on solution enables organizations to provide their users with an easy way to access all of their web applications from any device using just one username and password.

Authpoint provides organizations with the ability to control who sees what information on their websites by allowing them to restrict user access based on groups they create for each application. This allows organizations to protect sensitive data while providing employees with the flexibility to do their jobs.

The Authpoint single sign-in solution also provides organizations with the ability for end users to easily log into multiple applications at once without creating separate accounts. It does this by storing login credentials locally on the user’s computer instead of requiring them to reenter their credentials every time they want to use another application.

Authpoint also helps companies protect customer data by providing password resets, two-factor authentication (2FA), and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Authpoint SSO Pricing:

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4. Aws Single Sign-On

The AWS single sign-on service allows you to securely access all services within Amazon Web Services from any device, anywhere. It provides an easy way for customers to manage their identities across multiple cloud applications and devices.

The service helps organizations easily provision users to use AWS resources without requiring them to create user accounts on each application individually. This reduces IT costs and frees up time for other business activities.

AWS single sign-on also lets customers centrally manage credentials for accessing AWS resources. For example, they can revoke access rights when employees leave the company or change passwords as needed.

AWS Single Sign-On Pricing:

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5. Azure SSO

Azure SSO is an easy way for users to access applications hosted on-premises without managing credentials. IT administrators can easily deploy applications across multiple tenants while keeping user accounts separate.

The service also provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities between Office 365 and SharePoint Online, enabling users to log in once and access both services seamlessly.

In addition, Azure AD Connect enables organizations to connect their Active Directory environment to Microsoft cloud resources such as Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Dynamics CRM, and more.

Azure SSO Pricing:

The pricing for Azure AD Connect Enterprise Edition is based on the number of users you have connected to your organization’s directory. You pay per user, not per device.

$6 - $9 Per User / Per Month


6. Citrix Workspace Single Sign-On

Citrix Workspace SSO allows you to provide one set of credentials for accessing multiple applications from any device. It provides seamless integration into existing infrastructure and enables organizations to reduce their IT costs while improving productivity and security.

With Citrix Workspace SSO, you can securely connect your organization's desktop, mobile devices, and apps through a single identity. This means fewer passwords to remember, less risk of phishing attacks, and easier management of privileged accounts.

Citrix Workspace SSO Pricing:

$3 - $7 Per User / Per Month


7. Curity Single Sign-On

Curity single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication service for web applications based on OpenID Connect standard. It allows users to access multiple websites using their credentials from a single login page.

Curity SSO provides identity federation between identity providers such as social networks, email services, cloud storage accounts, etc.

This way, you don't have to remember all your passwords anymore! You just need to log into one account, and then every website you visit automatically logs you in without asking for any username/password again.

Curity SSO Pricing:

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8. Cyberark Single Sign On

Cyberark Single Sign On (SSO) is an easy-to-use single sign-on platform for web applications.

With SSO, users can access multiple websites without having to log in again.

The platform supports popular authentication methods such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, WS Federation, and more.

In addition, CyberArk provides security policies for each application, which allows administrators to control user access to sensitive data.

CyberArk SSO Pricing:

$2 - $4 Per User / Per Month


9. Duo Single Sign On

Duo single sign-on (SSO) enables users to access multiple applications without having to log in separately for each application. This means that when a user logs in once, he/she gains access to all the applications that are associated with his/her account.

The key benefit of SSO is that it allows companies to save time and money because there is no longer any need to create separate accounts for individual employees.

In addition, SSO helps businesses reduce support costs because users do not require additional help desk tickets to resolve issues across applications.

CyberArk SSO Pricing:

$3 - $6 Per User / Per Month

10. Evidian

Evidian Enterprise SSO is a single sign-on solution that simplifies password management and automates access to applications. It allows users to access all their applications with a single set of login credentials, while providing the ability to manage access rights and roles.

The solution also helps reduce the number of calls to the help desk, as well as optimize costs associated with licenses and accounts. Additionally, Evidian Enterprise SSO helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements by providing detailed auditing and reporting capabilities.

Evidian SSO Pricing:

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11. Forgerock Single Sign On

A single sign-on system is an authentication mechanism that allows users to access multiple applications without entering username and password information more than once.

A single sign-on system provides a user with a consistent experience across websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, etc.

Forgerock offers a SaaS-based single sign-on solution for organizations that want to provide a secure login experience for employees, partners, and customers.

The Forgerock single sign-on solution includes various features such as SSO, LDAP integration, SAML support, OAuth 2.0 support, multi-factor authentication, etc.

Forgerock SSO Pricing:

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12. Fortinet Single Sign On

Fortinet Single Sign-On (SSO) provides an easy way for users to authenticate themselves once and access multiple applications without having to enter credentials repeatedly. SSO simplifies user management across applications and devices, making it easier for IT administrators to manage user accounts and security policies.

With SSO, organizations can provide single sign-on capabilities to employees and customers while reducing the number of passwords required. This helps reduce costs associated with managing user accounts and improves productivity.

For example, a company may require its employees to log into a corporate application such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Office 365, or SharePoint Online. If the employee uses a personal laptop instead of his or her company-issued device, he or she would need to register again each time he or she wants to login.

The same scenario applies when a customer logs into a web portal hosted by the organization. Instead of requiring the customer to create a separate account, the customer may simply log into the organization's website using his or her existing social media account.

In both cases, the organization saves money because fewer passwords are needed, and the user experience is improved because fewer steps are involved.

Fortinet SSO Pricing:

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13. IBM Single Sign-On

IBM single sign-on is an enterprise-level authentication system that allows users to access multiple applications across multiple platforms without having to log in again.

IBM single sign-on provides secure user authentication for web based applications, mobile devices, and desktop clients.

The system uses a combination of tokens and certificates to authenticate users. This means that there is no need to store passwords or login information on any device.

IBM single-sign-on also enables organizations to provide seamless multi-platform access to employees, partners, customers, and business associates.

IBM single Sign On is built upon open standards such as SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and OAuth 2.0. These standards help ensure that IBM single sign-on interoperates with existing systems and services.

IBM SSO Pricing:

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14. Ilex Single Sign-On

IBM Single sign-on (SSO) is an enterprise identity management system for organizations that provides single sign-on capabilities across multiple applications. SSO enables users to access various applications without entering user credentials more than once.

IBM SSO allows companies to centralize authentication and authorization processes, which helps reduce costs and improve security.

The most common form of SSO is based on Kerberos protocol. To provide SSO functionality, the application server running the web application must support Kerberos authentication.

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol used primarily in computer networks to authenticate users and verify their identities.

In addition to providing secure login, Kerberos also supports delegation of authority. This means a client may request services from a remote machine without knowing its location.

Ilex SSO Pricing:

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15. Imprivata OneSign

OneSign from Imprivata, a provider of SSO and identity management solutions for healthcare organizations, is an enterprise-grade solution designed to help hospitals and health systems securely manage patient identities across multiple applications.

While generally a healthcare-focused company, Imprivata has expanded its offerings to include OneSign, which provides access management solutions for banks, government agencies, and utilities.

Imprivata OneSign SSO Pricing:

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16. Jumpcloud Single Sign On

JumpCloud is an easy-to-use single sign-on (SSO) platform for SaaS applications. With JumpCloud, companies can easily manage user access across multiple apps without having to worry about managing passwords.

With JumpCloud, users can log in once and securely connect to any app, regardless of where they login. This means users can stay logged in wherever they go.

JumpCloud also provides enterprise-grade security features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), two-step verification, and role-based access control (RBAC). These make sure that only authorized users can access sensitive data.

Jumpcloud SSO Pricing:

$2 - $7 Per User / Per Month

17. Keycloak Single Sign-On

Keycloak is an open-source identity management platform for building enterprise-grade applications.

The core product consists of a REST API server, a client library for Java,.NET, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP, and Go, plus a CLI tool for easy setup.

In addition to providing authentication services, Keycloak provides single sign-on (SSO) and access control capabilities.

Keycloak supports OpenID Connect 1.0, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, and WS-Federation protocols.

Keycloak SSO Pricing:

Open Source Free To Use


18. Last Pass Single Sign-On

LastPass is an incredibly powerful tool for managing passwords and secrets across multiple devices. But its power doesn't stop there. It also provides a single sign-in experience for websites and apps.

With LastPass' single sign-on feature, users can access their accounts quickly and securely without having to login again. This means fewer password resets and more time spent doing what matters most - working.

But while LastPass makes it easy to manage your online identity, it also helps protect your privacy. With LastPass, you can store sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank account credentials safely away from prying eyes.

LastPass SSO Pricing:

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19. Manageengine Single Sign-On

ManageEngine single sign-on is an enterprise-class SaaS product for secure access management across mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, and web browsers.

The product provides a unified login experience for users accessing applications and services via multiple channels such as mobile apps, websites, social media sites, etc. This helps organizations achieve greater productivity while reducing costs and improving security.

ManageEngine single-sign-on (SSO) enables enterprises to provide seamless user authentication across multiple platforms. SSO allows employees to log in once and authenticate themselves to various systems without having to enter credentials repeatedly.

ManageEngine offers two types of SSO solutions - native and third party. Native SSO refers to integration between the application and the identity provider; whereas third party SSO involves integrating the application with external identity providers.

ManageEngine SSO Pricing:

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20. Micro Focus Single Sign On

Micro Focus Single Sign On is an enterprise-grade single sign-on (SSO) platform for Windows Server 2012 R2 that enables users to securely access applications across multiple domains without having to create user accounts and passwords.

With SSO, IT administrators can centrally manage user identities and permissions across multiple application environments, including Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2010/2013, Lync 2010/2013, Office 365, SQL Server 2008/2012, and more.

The product also provides robust security features such as multi-factor authentication, role based access control, identity federation, password management, and privileged account management.

Micro Focus SSO Pricing:

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21. miniOrange Single Sign-On

Mini orange single sign-on (MSO) is an easy way for organizations to provide access control across multiple applications and services. With MSO, users can securely log in once and be automatically authenticated against any application or service without having to enter credentials again. This means fewer passwords to manage, which helps reduce security risks and increases productivity.

With MSO, companies can also easily integrate third party apps and services such as Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, Box, Dropbox, Slack and more.

miniOrange SSO Pricing:

$1 - $3.5 Per User / Per Month

22. Okta Single Sign-On

Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) is an identity management platform for cloud applications. It provides users with single sign-on capabilities across web apps, mobile devices, desktop browsers, and more.

See How Okta works with IDHub.

Okta SSO Pricing:

$2 - $11 Per User / Per Month

23. Onelogin Single Sign-On

All About OneLogin Single Sign-On

The world today is moving toward digitalization and, more importantly, toward online transactions. This means that businesses are becoming increasingly dependent upon secure eCommerce platforms.

With the rise of mobile technology, customers expect seamless access to their accounts regardless of where they are. This is why companies such as OneLogin offer single sign-on (SSO) services for websites and applications.

OneLogin's SSO service allows users to log in to multiple web and mobile apps without creating separate user accounts. In addition, it provides an easy way to manage passwords and security tokens across various devices.

This makes it easier for business owners to maintain customer data and reduce costs associated with managing multiple login credentials.

See how Onelogin works with IDHub

Onelogin SSO Pricing:

$4 - $8 Per User / Per Month


24. Onewelcome Single Sign-On

OneWelcome Single Sign-On (OSSO) provides an easy way for businesses to manage multiple online accounts from a single dashboard. With OSSO, customers can sign in once and access all their online accounts without having to enter login credentials again and again.

With OSSO, users can enjoy a seamless experience across multiple websites and applications. For example, when a user signs into their bank account, they automatically receive notifications about upcoming transactions and deposits.

In addition, OSSO allows companies to make better business decisions based on customer data collected from various channels. Since all customer information is stored in a central location, businesses can now provide personalized services such as targeted ads, coupons, rewards programs, etc.

Onewelcome SSO Pricing:

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25. Optimalcloud Single Sign-On

We are an award winning provider of cloud based single sign on solutions for small businesses. Our solution allows you to manage all your user accounts from one place. It also provides a secure way to access multiple applications using just one username and password.

We have over 1 million users worldwide who use our service every day. We're always looking at ways to improve our product and make it easier for customers to use.

Our vision is to become the most trusted and easiest to use SaaS application management platform available today.

Thales SSO Pricing:

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26. Oracle Single Sign-On

Oracle single sign-on (SSO) allows users to access applications across multiple platforms without having to provide credentials more than once. This means that users can log in once for an application and stay logged in for future sessions.

This article covers how to configure SSO between two Java EE 6 based web applications running on GlassFish 3.1.2. Note that we'll assume that both applications reside within the same domain.

The first step is to create a user account in each application that will be used to authenticate against the second application. We'll call these accounts "user1" and "user2".

Create a user named "admin" in the first application and grant admin privileges to the user. Then add the following lines to the security-constraints section of the first application's deployment descriptor file:

Oracle SSO Pricing:

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27. Ping Single Sign-On

The concept behind Ping single sign-on is simple - you should not have to remember multiple passwords for different services. Instead, all your accounts are linked together under one login. This makes life easier as well as safer. You don't need to worry if someone else knows your password because they won't be able to access any of your other online accounts from the same device.

The idea behind this service came from our own experience at Ping. We found that we were constantly forgetting our passwords when logging into various websites. It was also very inconvenient to log back in every time we wanted to use another account. So, we decided to create an easy way to manage your online identity by linking all your accounts together under one username and password.

Ping SSO Pricing:

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28. Quest Single Sign-On

Single Sign On (SSO) for Java. Manage access with Active Directory (AD) groups at scale.

Quest SSO Pricing:

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29. Rapididentity Single Sign-On

The modern classroom is evolving rapidly, but that doesn't mean we need to compromise the quality of education. We created RapidIdity to empower teachers and students everywhere with access safe, reliable, and flexible online education environments.

We offer an easy way for you to authenticate against multiple third parties using just one username and password.

Rapididentity SSO Pricing:

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30. Rippling

Rippling Single Sign-On Software is a cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) service for businesses. It provides centralized authentication, authorization, and access management for multiple applications and users through an integrated platform. Rippling nullifies the need of conventional complex credentials used to authenticate access to corporate networks, applications, and systems.

Rippling SSO gives businesses control over all their app logins for users within their organization by using two main functions: user provisioning and password management. With user provisioning, administrators can securely manage user accounts across different applications from a central location without needing individual access credentials from developers or IT teams. Password management simplifies the login process while providing multi-factor authentication meetings security standards like SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

Rippling Single Sign-On Software helps reduce the time spent managing privileged accounts and enables simplified compliance with industry regulations, as well as improving productivity, efficiency, and security on all your platforms.

Rippling SSO Pricing:

Starts at $8 Per User / Per Month

31. RSA Single Sign-On

The convenience of signing on just once and accessing multiple applications is a great reason for using single-login authentication, but it isn't the only one. Single Sign On (SSO) also means fewer access point, which reduces the vulnerability for cyber attackers to exploit.

You can improve user authentication by combining single sign-on (SSO) with other user identification and authorization capabilities. For example, you could use multi-factor auth with single sign-on (SSO) to add an extra layer of security if necessary.

RSA SSO Pricing:

$4 - $8 Per User / Per Month

32. SAP Single Sign-On

SAP SSO creates a single entry point for all business SAP Applications. Provide your users with a better user experience, protect their data, lower helpdesks costs, and implement reliable and efficient encryption for all communications between client and servers by using the SAP SingleSign On application.

SAP SSO Pricing:

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33. SecureAuth Single Sign-On

The concept behind SecureAuth Single Sign On (SSO) is simple: we want to make it easy for you to sign into any application using just one username and password. We want to do this by creating an authentication layer between applications and users. This way, when you log into your bank account on your phone, you don't have to remember yet another login credential. You're already logged in! It's like magic.

The problem is, most companies need more time to be ready to implement SSO because they need to learn how to build secure user interfaces. They think they need to create their own custom solution. But what if there was a better way? What if you could use existing technologies to solve this problem? That's where we come in.

We've created a set of open-source libraries that allow developers to easily integrate our single sign-on technology into their apps. With these tools, you can quickly add SSO capabilities to your app without writing a line of code.

SSO Pricing:

$3 - $9 Per User / Per Month

34. SSO Easy

SSO Easy's Office 365 EasyConnect SAML solutions eliminate the time, cost, complexity, and risk of SAML implementations.

EasyConnect is a complete solution for building Single Sign-On (SSO) applications that are compliant with the industry standard SAML 2.0 specification. It provides an easy-to-use interface for developers, administrators, and end users.

SSO Easy Pricing:

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35. Thales Single Sign-On

Single Sign On (SSO) solutions are becoming increasingly popular as they provide organizations with an easy way to centralize authentication across multiple systems and platforms. However, SSO implementations often require significant changes to existing security models and policies. This makes it difficult to implement and maintain.

In addition, many companies have already invested heavily in legacy infrastructure and don't want to make major changes. Therefore, they need to find ways to leverage existing investments while still providing secure access to sensitive information.

Thales SSO Pricing:

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36. Transmit Security Single Sign-On

Transmit Security Single Sign On (TSSSO) is an authentication service for web applications that allows users to authenticate once and then access multiple apps without providing credentials again. It provides single sign on across all apps using TSSSO.

Thales SSO Pricing:

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37. Userlock Single Sign-On

UserLock SSO allows users to log into their applications using Active Directory credentials for Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications. It does not require any additional user information, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

This eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords and makes it easier for them to access all their accounts from one place.

The service also provides MFA.

Userlock SSO Pricing:

Start For Free

38. Visual Guard Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On for .NET. This is an application for users who are using multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets etc.

The user needs to login into their account on all these devices at once.

This application allows them to do this by providing a single sign-on service that authenticates the user across all devices.

Once the user logs in they have access to all their data from any device.


Visual Guard SSO Pricing:

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38 of the best SSO Solution Providers

Citrix Workspace
Imprivata OneSign
Last Pass
Micro Focus
SSO Easy
Transmit Security
Visual Guard
For applications on AWS Cloud
Requires Active Directory Maintenance
HR and Expenses
$6 - $9
$3 - $7
$2 - $4
$3 - $6
$2 - $7
$1 - $3.5
$3 - $7
$2 - $3
$8 +
$4 - $8
Free Trial
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